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By Beth Henley

Specialty Prop Construction - Merchant Cart

Director: Mark Brokaw


Set Designer: Kimie Nishikawa

Drafted by Michael Ruiz-del-Vizo

This Merchant Cart was built and drafted for New York Stage and Film's 2019 mainstage Lighting (or TheUnbuttoning).

The cart had to be made so that it can stored behind the audience and maneuver a tight corner before moving on stage. As Properties Supervisor, I led a crew of interns in constructing and painting the cart and all other props, alongside the designer.

The Foreigner

By Larry Sue

Specialty Prop Design - Canoe

Director: Craig Anton and Joan McMurtney


Set Designer: Zeke Waters

Designed and built by Michael Ruiz-del-Vizo

The task was to design, draft, and build a canoe that would be used as set dressing.

The difficulty was that the canoe needed to be 16 feet long, but it needed to be designed in a way that would allow us to use standard building material. 

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